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                                         WELCOME TO KASHMAKASH                           

Welcome to hope.

Welcome to the richness of possibility. 

Welcome to the joys of transformation.

This is our personal safe space. It is a place where we can be our true self. 

We who are in abusive relationships know we are not allowed the freedom to speak the truth. 

KASHMAKASH is our own private place to understand our trauma, reach out for help or simply understand whether what we live with is indeed abuse and what sort of abuse. 

You are welcome to simply sit and look around, learn from others or teach someone and listen if we want.

Recognize that we are not alone. Each of us is special and important. 

We all have challenges that we are working through, troubles that we are living with, but at the end of the day, we are doing the best we can with tremendous courage. 

We are brave, and simply getting up and going through every day is in itself a marvellous achievement. 

We are not alone. We are not helpless, and while we may often feel we are helpless, in fact, we aren't. 

We have tremendous capacity to heal ourselves and there are others we can reach out to, hold hands with and learn to stand up.

Kashmakash is about you, about me, about us, about the ways we love and lose, our hearts, our heartbreaks and our courage.

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